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                Early Learning Center provides numerous programs for children ages 6 weeks to 10 years old.

Infant Care
            Our infant caregivers work hard to meet the individual needs of our infants in a prompt, consistent and loving manner in response to each child’s daily schedule.  Weather permitting, each day infants and their caregivers go outside for fresh air and to view the outside environment.

            “Routines” make up much of the infants’ days and are, therefore, the most important events.  Our infant teachers are trained to take advantage of routines - diapering, feeding, washing, etc. - to build relationships with infants and to promote their development in all areas.

Toddler Care
        Our Toddler Program is centered on the developmental needs of children between the ages of (18) eighteen months and (30) thirty months.
        We understand their struggle to become independent by providing them with opportunities to make simple choices and by allowing them to do things for themselves.  The classroom shelves are filled with multiples of their favorite educational toys and materials.  Children can easily access the materials and toys because everything is placed at eye level and pictures are used to establish where they belong.
        Although caring for toddlers can be very demanding, our caregivers are trained to appreciate the special characteristics of toddlers and convey warmth and respect to the children in their care.  The caregivers have appropriate expectations for toddlers and set limits that keep the children safe while allowing them to continue to strive for independence.

Pre-School and Pre Kindergarten
Our classrooms are divided into atractive and inviting interest areas that offer the children a range of activity choices.  Areas for dramatic play, block building and gross motor skill activities provide opportunities for active play.  Areas for books, puzzles and table toys provide for quieter play.

Our teachers plan the curriculum for each class based on knowledge of normal child development and what is known about each child’s interests, needs and background.

“before” and “after” school
Our “before” and “after” school program provides homework assistance, supervised play, group games and playground time in a safe, stimulating, and relaxed environment.

Summer Camp
Our entire team is committed to providing a positive experience for each camper.  The camp groups are led by CPR and First Aid trained certified teachers and college students pursuing careers in education.  The team is overseen by the Director and Assistant Director of the school.

Mission Statement
It is our goal at Early Learning Center to provide each child with a safe, healthy, and nurturing early childhood experience.  The works of Jean Piaget, Eric Erickson, and other child development theorists and researchers has taught us that learning is a complex process that results from the interactions of children’s own thinking and their experiences in their environment.  Based on their findings, here at ELC, we foster the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth in young children through discovery, creative play, and structured learning activities.  While part of our program is modeled after The Creative Curriculum, a guide endorsed by The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the children themselves inspire many of our projects and daily activities.  The Creative Curriculum encourages teachers to respect and value differences among children and provides a way to assess each child’s development.

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