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Excellent school. Love the program. Love the teachers. Love the administration. I've sent both of my children there and they have learned so much. My oldest went there as her first school experience when she was 3 and my youngest started when she was 4 months old and still goes there and she's 4 now. The teachers are first rate and I am impressed by how much they both learned. School trips, special fun days every week, computers, sing-a-long with a music teacher once a week, which my daughter loves, arts and crafts. They make an effort to stay open for random holidays and snow days so parents can work. Recommend this school highly to anyone in the area. You won't be disappointed.—Submitted by a parent

ELC IS EXCELLENT! Both of my children loved it. The Director and teachers were excellent. ELC gave both of our children a great head start in elementary school.
—Submitted by a parent

My son attended ELC for Kindergarten and for summer sessions. The teachers and director were wonderful to work with, especially considering my sons special needs. Great behavior modification treats for whole class. I never saw yelling, but totally agree with them using time outs. I never saw the tv used as a babysitter and I would show up at different parts of the day to see what it was like. It was defintely a better choice for kindergarten and for summer program for my son.
—Submitted by a parent

Have had my daughter at ELC for 2 years and love it! Teachers and director are great. Moved my daughter here from a school that was double the price and didnt offer as much. Very happy, highly recommend it. I dont know what the other reviews are talking about as far as yelling, i have never witnessed that and to be honest i completely agree with time outs. They do give the kids time outs when appropriate and I dont feel that they overuse that method of discipline at all. All of the teachers are very hands on and involved with the children. My daughter has learned so much there that every day she shocks me with something new.
—Submitted by a parent

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